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Asian-African Conference Museum (KAA - Konferensi Asia Afrika) is one of the museum located in Jl. Africa Jl.Asia 65. This museum is the Asian-African Conference memorabilia. The museum has a very close relationship with the Gedung Merdeka.

  • Facilities: 
  • Permanent Exhibition Room

The exhibition room provides :

  • Exhibits collections of three-dimension objects and documentary photos of Tugu Meeting, Colombo Conference, and Asian-African Conference 1955;
  • The historical events that become the historical background of the Asian- African Conference; 
  • The effect of the Asian-African Conference to the world;
  • Gedung Merdeka from time to time;
  • Profile of the participant countries of the Asian-African Conference that are performed in the multimedia.


The library provides many books on history, social, politic, and culture of the Asian African Countries and others; documents of the Asian-African Conference and its preliminary conferences; magazines and newspapers donated from other institutions or gained by purchase.


Along with the establishing of the library, audiovisual room was set up as well. The room is applied to perform documentary films on world condition until 1950s, Asian- African Conference and its preliminary conferences, and films about the culture of the Asian- African Countries.


The Museum of the Asian-African Conference escalates many studies regarding Asian- African countries and other countries. The museum also facilitates researchers and students to do research on domestic and foreign issues.

Activity, Guiding, Temporary exhibition, and Communities

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Overall Building Independence has two main buildings , the first is called Gedung Merdeka as the main venue , while next to the Merdeka Building is Asian-African Conference Museum as a place of Asian-African Conference memorabilia.

The background of the construction of this museum is the desire of the leaders of the nations of Asia and Africa to learn about the Merdeka Building and surrounding Asian-African Conference lasted place . This makes the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia , Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja , SH , LL.M had the idea to build a museum . He proposed this idea on the forum Commemoration Committee meeting 25 years Asian-African Conference (1980 ) which was attended by the Director General of Culture Prof. Dr. Haryati Soebadio as a representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Then the museum was inaugurated on April 24, 1980 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Asian African.


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Located at :

Jl. Asia Afrika No. 65, Bandung 40111, Indonesia | Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika – Gedung Merdeka