Hutan Raya - Djuanda

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Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda or known as Tahura Djuanda is a conservation area that is integrated between the secondary natural forest types of plants with pine (Pinus merkusil) located in the sub -watershed Cikapundung, Citarum waterfall that stretches from Dago.

Dago Pakar until Maribaya which is part of a group of mountain forests Pulosari, making Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda is excellent as the nature and location of tourism facilities as well as a place for the development of environmental education.

Facilities :

  • Open Stage

If we want to enjoy the treats art shows and attractions can be found in the open stage at certain times. This sturdy building measuring 250 M, strategic location equipped with a balcony that can accommodate 400 people. Open and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by lush trees and the air is cool, make anyone feel at home want to linger to enjoy each dish displayed. For those who have a creative art, this stage can be used as a place of inspiration pouring or artwork to exhibit high taste. For those who want to celebrate with a garden party atmosphere of the ordinary, fresh air, full arrangement with a touch of tasteful dining outdoor stage will be transformed as if in a fairy tale.

  • Children's playground

For tourists who come with family, Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda provide a place to play in almost every attraction. Especially for children, it's not far from the monument plaza Ir. H. Juanda. Playground kids good and comfortable reminds us of childhood full of joy and merriment, combined with the familiarity of the family. In this park the kids to play with while learning, with games facilities swings, slide, jungkitan and others.

  • Outbond and Flying Fox
  • Huts
  • Tennis Field

Natural attractions :

  • Curug Dago
  • Curug Omas
  • Dutch Cave
  • Japan Cave
  • Lembang Escapement

Operational Hours :
08:00 am until 16:00 pm
Open Every Day (Working Days & Public Holidays)

Admission :
     Local Travelers: Rp. 10.000, -
     Foreign Tourist: Rp. 75.000, -
     Commercial Photo Activity: Rp. 200.000, -

Address & Contact :

Kompleks Tahura, Ir. H. Djuanda No. 99 Dago Pakar – Bandung
Phone : +62-22-2515895
Fax : +62-22-2507891